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Gogo Jumper by BOLAÑO

760 EUR532 EUR

- Handmade Jumper
- High collar
- Ribbed collar and cuffs
- All over stripes panels

Composition: Wool, Mohair, Acrylic, Lamé

Made in SPAIN

Naif, románticas y con carácter, así son las prendas de BOLAÑO atelier. La mujer se ve realzada mediante la prenda tomando total protagonismo del momento; Sinuosos volúmenes, colores cuidados y tejidos naturales rodean como tónica, el savoir faire del diseñador, Manuel Bolaño.

Naif, romantics and full of character, like that are the clothes of BOLAÑO atelier. The woman is enhanced by the garment taking full prominence of the moment; Sinuous volumes, careful colors and natural fabrics surround as tonic, the savoir faire of the designer, Manuel Bolaño.